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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Far too long have I been silent! I love every friendly visitor and I hate disapponting any, just because, there's nothing new! I am sorry!
Yes there are things new, but we live a particularly hard time, the reason being, that we all must leave this house, and find a roof somewhere else!
That's what we do and, like for Jesus who didn't have a stone to lay his head on, it is not easy when your means are small and you belong to the "little people". That an honour... and a drawback in times of needs!
But that's the reason of my silence... for which I apologize!
Yet, life goes on and we are committed to stop the deporting of asylum seekers who. years back, were forced to seek refuge somewhere, including here, in Switzerland! And are now told to go!
I was with all of them in this icy cold night, but my heart glows because love is around!
See you soon...

Thursday, January 06, 2005
Fare well my child!

So many people have lost dear ones in South East Asia.
We mourn with them, we feel their heartbreak and we pray and we know:
the souls are back to the creator who made them…

Today too, with our dear Madiba, we grieve because his only son
left to him has passed away.
One of his daughters Makaziwe Mandela, died in 1948
aged only nine months, and his eldest son, Thembekile Madiba,
died in a car crash in 1969 while Mandela was in prison.

Today, his only son left to him breathed his last. And Madiba said:
"It is best for a family to be open about suffering from terminal diseases
rather than let rumours spread like wildfire, former president Nelson Mandela said in Johannesburg on Thursday after announcing that he lost his son, Makgatho Mandela,

earlier in the day to Aids".

Makgatho Mandela (RIP)

"According to ancient Hebrew wisdom, the hardest thing that a man can do is to say goodbye to his own son. A father of the nation has lost his only natural son and we therefore share his grief. Mr Nelson Mandela has faced many trials in his life, but surely this must be the saddest." So say his people who mourn with him and I, too, share his pain".
(gratefuly acknowledged fom the Daily Mail and Guardian, 06.01.05).

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
So long an absence! I have to apologize to the friends who come and ...
find nothing new for so long! But I'll soon come back with a thought,
a sign of friendship, a little story... a question, many questions!

I'll tell you a secret: the times have been tough because like many other "wandering people" I am looking for a shelter, a shelter for the mind,
a shelter for the heart, a shelter for the body!

The chance to feel like one among many "homeless" migrants...
Like Jesus was and is: looking for a shelter before he was born,
after he was born and his search continues even today,
as we search wearily with him...for just a little roof over our head!

As we search for him!
Where does Jesus fit into the disaster picture of the angry waves
swallowing thousands upon thousands? Where do we find Him?

He is so small, insignificant, he is swallowed up,
he has almost disappeared... only to rise again...
the ocean's tremendous soul looks at us...
standing on the shores, uncertain, afraid...
and his gaze says: be of good heart,
"the spirit hovers over the waters",
Oh! yes, the spirit breathes deep in the depth of the sea!
In the depth of our hearts!