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Friday, June 17, 2005
1976, 16th June

One student wrote to The World newspaper:

"Our parents are prepared to suffer under the white man's rule.
They have been living for years under these laws and they have
become immune to them. But we strongly refuse to swallow an
education that is designed to make us slaves in the country of our birth."

On June 16th 1976, the school children, by the thousands, took to the streets
and demanded an education for freedom instead of a schooling for ongoing slavery.
Eight hundred were shot dead on that first day. Amongst them Hector Peterson.

2005, 16th June:

we are "free", well… far from it! The long road to freedom is still ahead of us.
Apartheid laws have gone. Injustice goes on. And corruption. Inevitably.
We don't really know how far up the hierarchy's ladder.
But it nearly reached the top. That's why Thabo Mbeki sacked
his right hand vice president Jacob Zuma, because his financial advisor
Shabir Shaik, a millionaire businessman, is accused of passing him bribes
from a French arms company. ... has been at last judged and condemned.
Who'll go to prison? No one knows yet.

Our African school children learn history at school, and they wonder.
May be it's good that Zuma goes. May be not.
Even the authorities say quasi "yes-no"…
according to opportunistic wisdom!

Hector Peterson and the little children shot dead will never come back
to celebrate 16th June Youth day in South Africa.
The struggle continues. And how complicated it is! So help us God!

A strange way to celebrate June 16th!

Monday, June 06, 2005
Prayer before the planet

Floating amongst stars in the universe
our inhabited planet, our only home
the creator dreamt it alive, vibrant
love incarnate in the earth, in the people
in me… a relay place between heaven
where we come from and the same heaven where we go to

Not alone, all together, hand in hand, heart to heart
mind to mind
why then the rumours of wars, so foreign to the earth, so foreign to people?
so foreign to the creator's dream
to man's primal vision, primal hunger for happiness and peace!

Wherever I walk today, whoever I meet today
let it be a love-filled encounter on the way home:
to be with Yeshuah, to be with all who have arrived
and see in heavens light the meaning of our darkness!