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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Ash Wednesday 2009

Ongoing conversion, that is what Lent seems to suggest. I believe that Lenten season, 40 days - Sundays excluded - means a whole life of increasing awareness of our becoming more and more human, day after day like Jesus did and does through his risen Spirit in today’s fragile world.

Sign that spring will at last come

During Lent some people fast. There are many ways of fasting! Forced fasting. No choice for the world’s hungry. Starving people fast from birth to death! For me, I eat what I am given here and now. It seems to me that Lent is a chance of more passionate concentration on this unfolding human species – towards death or life – and to reflect prayerfully, as I walk slowly with the millions of grassroots people looking for meaning in Life. We are bound together in Him.

I will be asking questions about our realities: here in this country, Switzerland, so worried about finances and the banking systems, also about Europe, about Africa and the world of course. What are the signs of the times?

Sign that God's beauty lives forever!