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Friday, March 25, 2011

In the Kitchen

« In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel ... »
Luke 1:26

"Giotto got it wrong.
I was not kneeling
on my red satin cushion
in a shaft of light,
head slightly bent.

Actually I had just
come back from the well.
Placing the pitcher
on the table
I bumped against the edge
spilling water
on the floor.

As I bent
to wipe it up
suddenly a glow
as though someone
had open the door
to the sun

Rag in hand
hair across my face,
I turned to see
who was coming in

All I saw
was light bright
against the wall.

A voice.
"You will conceive
the Son of the Most High
who will save Israel."

I stood afraid.

Someone closed the door

and I dropped the rag."

Killian McDonnell

Benedictine monk who founded the Collegeville Institute
for Ecumenical and Cultural Research at St John's Abbey,
Collegeville, Minnesota. USA.

With grateful thanks to The Tablet
which I have the chance to read each week!