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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

With the help of F.W. de Klerk


Far too long did I remained silent concerning the people of south Africa, Zimbabwe, and the others! I am sorry about that. I receive daily direct and indirect news and, if there are signs of hope, signs that, in some ways, life could and are be better since 1994, the over all reality is dismal fort the majority of the people. There is fear and there is despair mingled with unflinching tenacity and hope at grassroots. In small committed groups. Prophetic communities, sharing communities.

There would be too much to research, to analyze, to foresee the future with the eyes of the people of south Africa. So to begin with, Permit me to let you hear the interview of Frederick de Klerk to which I listened several times and which I find appropriate. The voice of Mandela is still. He has done all he could, totally, selflessly, in the sunset path to the truly rainbow nation of beyond all borders!