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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
During these troubled times when Vatican-Rome seems
to sap the energy of people of Good will,
to put loads on their backs with learned declaration
that hurt grassroot people
and not Muslims only…
we pray:

with Jesus and Rumi

"But you are not to be called 'Rabbi;'
for one is your teacher, and you are all brothers.
Call no one your father on earth;
for one is your heavenly Father.
Nor be called leaders,
because your leader is one, the Christ.
The greatest of you will be your servant.
Whoever will exalt oneself will be humbled,
and whoever will humble oneself will be exalted”…

“My dear hart never think you are better than others.
Listen to their sorrows with compassion.
If you want peace, don't harbor bad thoughts
do not gossip
and don't teach what you do not know”…

Monday, September 18, 2006
Exhausted by the recent polemic springing from Benedict 16th talk on September 12th 2006 in Regensburg University I sought for sanity and found Rumi:

Rumi an orthodox Muslim,
a universal mystic beyond the rigid confines of orthodoxy.

I found peace in this great poet and mystic.

“Rumi is especially poignant today, in the face of our current war.
Born in Afghanistan in 1207, he and his family fled to modern-day Turkey,
where he spent the rest of his life. His work has provided insight into Muslim arts
that the Western world otherwise overlooks. His reverence for Islamic, Hebrew,
and Christian teachings is a shining example of respect for all peoples and religions.
Not only in its help for the resource center,
but also in its appreciation for cultural understanding,
this performance stands for social justice”.


“By day I praised you
and never knew it.
By night I stayed with you
and never knew it.
I always thought that
I was me--but no,
I was you
and never knew it”

"In beautiful verses in Mathnavi, Rumi describes in detail
the universal message of love:
Love’s nationality is separate from all other religions,
The lover’s religion and nationality is the Beloved (God).
The lover’s cause is separate from all other causes
Love is the astrolabe of God’s mysteries".

(from The Mysteries of the Universe and Rumi's Discoveries on the Majestic Path of Love)