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Saturday, May 20, 2006

More than a month that I last wrote a message in Katutura english !
I have no excuse other than the winter freezing cold and the late, late spring blossoms!
I dream to contemplate fields of daffodils in England, to feel the south African autumn breeze,
to catch a ray of morning light in an encounter with far away friends…

Wherever we are, we face the reality, the concrete reality of an increasingly fragmented
and fragile planet with people, so many people struggling to survive,
having almost forgotten that the Creator made them to be happy!

What is, then, happiness, contentment, when you are anxious about tonight’s soup for the family,
with just a little bread? Anxious about drinkable water and a job to earn, were it a minimum wage only!

Yet meeting people in the streets, in the public transport, is a sign that the struggle continues unabated!
We move forward. With a purpose. Together!

We greet each other with a faint smile, ready to unfold like a sign of hope!
The longing for happiness and contentment lingers in a tired, sad smile,
a sudden breath of energy comes back into your heart and mind!
God’s eagerness to come to life shines faintly in the faintest smile…