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Sunday, December 31, 2006
From 2006 to 2007, just a few more steps to go, dearest friends from everwhere! We are wanderers on this planet of ours and we wonder as we wander on and on and on, building with Jesus a world inhabited by people whose birthright is to LOVE and to be LOVED!
Jesus showed us the way, he who is nothing else but COMPASSION... in action!
armed with COMPASSION, we move on into 2007 and we will get so far as to stop the hanging of people, be they guilty or not guilty, to stop the "mighty war lords" brainswashing us with infect lies, we will stand up and be counted and say what we think of thrones and domination and turn them up side down with the strength of Mary who sang that victory song as she trod, pregnant as she was with HIM who is COMPASSION, COMPASSION people driven, looking ahead, radiant with His LOVE! His COMPASSION!